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Mitra Bio is developing a non-invasive skin DNA test. We are conducting this study to measure the skin`s biological age and the extent of environmental damage. This test will enable people to take the right action to improve their skin health.

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The purpose of this procedure is to collect samples of skin and the bacteria that are naturally present on everyone’s skin. We are trying to understand if we can determine the biological skin age from skin adhesive disks samples. The biological skin age is different to the chronological age and it varies according to environmental factors like sun-damage, stress and pollutants. By understanding the biological skin age, Mitra bio will enable non-invasive, personalised developments in the skincare and anti-ageing industry.
You are aged between 18 and 75 years and have normal healthy skin with no pre-existing skin diseases. We plan to recruit around 1000 participants.
It is up to you to decide whether or not to take part. If you do decide to take part, you will be asked to sign a consent form. You would then still be free to stop at any time and without giving a reason. This will not affect whether we approach you for future studies.
Please let us know about any medication that you regularly take. You will only be able to take part if the medication that you normally take will not affect this study as judged by the study personnel. You can take paracetamol and cold remedies if necessary, during the study but please let us know if you take regular medication in the questionnaire or if you have had any skin conditions.

If you agree to take part in the study, you will be asked to agree to the following:

  1. You will be asked to answer to a short, simple questionnaire assessing your age, ethnicity, general heath, skin type, lifestyle and environmental conditions via our website.
  2. If you have been assessed as eligible, we will then send you an adhesive skin sampling pack (similar to Sellotape) to your address.
  3. We will ask you to follow instructions on how to collect surface skin cells from your forehead. A 3cm round adhesive disk will be placed on the test site and rubbed with a gloved finger for 20 seconds. The gloves are provided in the pack. The same adhesive disk will be peeled off and re-placed twice more at the same site to saturate the adhesive disk with skin cells. Seven more adhesive disks will be applied to the same area to collect skin cells. You will need to add an adhesive frame on the forehead so to collect all adhesive disks from the same area. A black pen is supplied. There should be no pain but there could be some stinging or itching afterwards which will resolve on its own in no more than one hour. You place each adhesive disk (face-down) on a polyester liner sheet so the skin surface touches the liner. You will need to return the adhesive disks to us in the provided prepaid envelope.
  4. After we receive your skin sample, we will require no further samples from you, nor will you be required to have any follow-ups in person or via questionnaire.
We kindly ask you to wipe the face with the tissue provided before applying the skin adhesive disk. Do not touch the area with your hand after washing and use gloves when handling the skin adhesive disk. There are no further considerations while participating in the study. You can continue to follow your daily routine and take your regular medication or other prescribed or over-the-counter medicines.
It is unlikely that as a participant you will experience any disadvantages or risks from taking part in this study. The study is specifically designed to be non-invasive and will not disrupt your daily routine.
By taking part in this study we hope you will help us understand drivers behind skin ageing. This will enable discovery of anti-ageing ingredients to slow the acceleration of skin ageing. Other than this, there are no benefits to you for taking part in this study.
Your GP will not be informed of your participation in this study. Due to the non-invasive nature, the study will have no impact on your regular care.
Your participation in this study will be kept confidential. All of your personal and contact information will be stored securely, and any data generated from your skin sample or through the Mitra bio website will be stored in a de-identified manner, with your samples being assigned a unique random identifier. This means that any genetic or study data will be stored in a way that makes it impossible to identify you from your data alone.
As there are no travel costs associated with this study, we will compensate you for your time in the form of a voucher for a skin DNA test to determine your biological skin age. The test is currently in early-stage development and if this study should be successful, Mitra bio will conduct a second larger, independent study in order to apply for CE mark approval that would allow for the selling of the product in the UK. The voucher you receive is a credit that is only applicable after the product has received CE mark approval.
Analysis is being carried out on human skin cells as well as from the microbiome (bacteria) derived from skin, but not with the intention of identifying any specific disease condition and the identity will not be revealed to the persons carrying out the analysis as the samples will be anonymised. The results of the testing will not be provided to participants as the samples will be anonymised. The skin sample, and the genetic material we extract from it, will be assigned a unique random code and participants data will only be identified by this number. All biological samples will be destroyed after data has been processed and analysed.
We will be using information from you in order to undertake this study. Research is a task that we perform in the public interest. Mitra bio Ltd., as sponsor, is the data controller. This means that we, Mitra bio Ltd., are responsible for looking after your information and using it properly. We will use the minimum personally-identifiable information possible. If you wish, we will keep identifiable information about you after the study has finished for as long as it takes to send you a report on our study findings. If you do not wish to receive this follow-up information we will delete any personally identifiable information within six months of the end of the research study. We will store any research documents with personal information, such as consent forms, securely at Mitra bio Ltd. for six months after the end of the study. Finally, any fully anonymised research data generated during this study will be stored indefinitely at Mitra bio Ltd. as an integral part of our algorithm. You can find out more about how we use your information by contacting
You are free to withdraw from the study at any time without giving a reason. This would not affect your legal rights or routine clinical care. If you withdraw from the study, we will immediately destroy the skin sample that you provided and we can then just make use of the information we already have about you. Additionally, we can ensure if your information is used for future research it is entirely anonymous, and we will destroy any identifiable information we hold about you.
At the end of the study we will produce a study report that summarises the findings of the entire study as a whole that will be published on the Mitra bio Ltd. website. In this report you will not be personally identifiable, as this data will be displayed in aggregate.
As this research study focuses on skin ageing, we do not expect to find anything unexpected.
The study is funded and organised by Mitra bio Ltd.
The study has also been reviewed by an independent ethics committee Reading Independent Ethics Committee (RIEC).